Creating national relevance to a foreign-born, latecomer.

PointsBet is an innovative, tech-forward, Australian-based online betting brand looking to insert themselves in a big way in the U.S.’s rapidly growing $50 billion-dollar online gambling category.

We were their first marketing partner and strategic advisor helping them make noise in an already deafening category.

Live your bet life.

After much research and analysis, we came up with the positioning of, “Live your bet life,” and now had to make it relevant and memorable in the States. Working closely with their senior leadership we crafted a strategy that plays right into the feeling and excitement of using the product.

We highlighted features like speed and convenience and positioned the brand as breakthrough in a category that is largely transactional.

We brought on Drew Brees, a breakthrough QB, a leader and a likeable champion of a champion-level product.

talent with talent.

We knew we had one shot to have impact. So, we brought in Emmy Award-winning director Dave Laden and surrounded him with an Emmy Award-winning team from Hungry Man productions to collaborate with us.

The Live Your Bet Life campaign combines live-action and visual effects to feature Drew Brees in a completely new way, in unexpected situations and not just as a spokesman.

Big. Bigger. Best.

By leveraging our sports and fandom expertise we were able to build brand values and launch PointsBet in a memorable way with impact.

The campaign debuted on national TV but had a surround sound of applications and components, including digital, social, in-stadium and OOH.

The campaign was so successful that we were brought in to develop Points Bet’s local Australian brand campaign featuring Hall of Fame basketball player and TV personality, Shaquille O’Neal.

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