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The Complete SoFi Experience

As the naming rights holder to the most expensive stadium in the world, the pressure was on SoFi to elevate the gameday experience for fans and differentiate itself from the other stadiums around the league. 

To raise the brand awareness and create a unique entertaining, fan-centric experience, they came to us because they knew that anything typicalor expected or traditional was off the table.  

sofi stadium 1

The First Step: Maximizing the massive oculus screen. 

The centerpiece of the stadium provided a first-of-its-kind chance to create something in a space that had never really existed and venture outside the boundaries of a traditional rectangular screen.  

Giving fans the entire football journey. 

Inspired by Rube Goldberg, we put an entire sequence of events on the screens all at once so fans could be consumed by the very sport they love and came to see.  

This journey and all the sponsored moments kicked off with an evolution of the classic, SoFi mnemonic which gave us persistent branding throughout the entire experience.  

Save. Spend. Earn. Borrow. Invest. 

Examining the FinTech product line and consumer journey allowed us to break it down into five categories and put it under the lens of football which gave their business dimension and personality.

Using design and animation we told the story of a coin, representing a SoFi member, that marches its way towards the goal line of financial freedom. We mark each passing phase ultimately celebrating the consumer and their financial accomplishments.

An experience in thirty seconds.

The experience was so successful we were asked to develop a :30 spot that would premier on NBC Sunday Night Football. 

sofi stadium 1

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